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Our Services

Winelands Equine Vet was established due to increasing demand for equine specialist medical skills in the Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek region of the Western Cape. Client support is provided for acute or chronic injuries and services extend to horses suffering from most medical-related disorders. A wide spectrum of conditions and diseases (disorders of the gastrointestinal to respiratory systems, oncology to dermatologic systems) can be diagnosed and treated. Continuing professional education through attendance of local and international congresses means that horses receive the highest standard of care.

Emergency Equine Rescue
General Health & Wellness
Prepurchase Exams
Internal Medicine
Interventional Diagnostics
Regenerative Medicine
Soft Tissue Surgery

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Our Latest News

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African Horse Sickness (AHS)

02 Nov 2015

African Horse Sickness (AHS)

In order to better understand the need for immunoprophylaxis against African Horse Sickness (AHS) in South Africa, let’s take an in-depth look at the...

Getting to the Point

01 Oct 2015

Getting to the Point

Prevention of infectious disease by vaccination (also referred to as active immunoprophylaxis) through initiation of a specific immune response is critical...


06 Jan 2015


Dr. Saulez and fellow researchers recently published a manuscript entitled: “Coagulation, oncotic and haemodilutional effects of a 3rd generation hydroxyet...


05 Jan 2015


Horses are continuously exposed to potential carcinogens. Although certain tumor types, such as those affecting the skin (squamous cell carcinoma, sarcoid...

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