relyteHA oral electrolyte paste

Balanced hyaluronan-buffered formula designed to replenish electrolytes and calcium lost in sweat by the equine athlete.

Hyaluronan eases gastric side-effects of electrolyte use.

Calcium enhanced

Apple flavored

Size: 60ml dosing tube containing two 30ml servings for a 500-600kg horse.

Directions for use:
Store between 40 to 80°F and gently shake before each use.
Administer 30ml orally, 1- 2 times / day or as required.
Provide clean, fresh, cold water at all times.


relyte ha
repair hoof oil

Proven formula promotes hoof growth.

Improves hoof strength, quality and growth while keeping the hoof wall and sole supple and healthy.

Contains a carefully blended combination of pine tar and marine-based oils.

Comes with an applicator brush.

Size: 946ml / 32oz

Directions for use:
Brush on entire hoof wall, frog and sole once daily, maintain with applications 2-3 times weekly.
Use caution when applying as it may stain hair and surfaces.


relieve diarrhea paste

Contains ultra-purified bentonite clay that offers greater adsorption of viruses and bacterial toxins restoring digestive balance for horses.

Contains L-glutamine (stomach healing agent) that may decrease gastric inflammation and increase early immune response.

Size: 60ml dosing tube

Directions for use:
FOALS: 30 to 60ml orally 2-4 times/day.
ADULT HORSES: 120ml orally 2-4 times/day.
Discontinue 24 hours after normal gastrointestinal function returns.


reflex ha
reflexHA joint core support

Rapidly absorbed to replenish lubrication in joints and tissue.

Contains 240mg/oz of high molecular weight hyaluronan (MHB3TM).                     

Size: 3.8liter / 1gallon and 1.9liter / 64oz.

Directions for use:

INITIAL LOADING DOSE: 1/2oz orally twice daily
MAINTENANCE: 1/2oz orally once daily.


reflex200 joint combo support

Provides building blocks for maintaining healthy joints.

Contains comprehensive blend of 200mg hyaluronan, 2000mg glucosamine, 2000mg chondroitin sulphate and 2000mg MSM per ounce

Three sizes: 1.1kg / 2.5lbs, 3.8liter/1gallon liquid, 4.5kg / 10lb pellet.

Directions for use:
HARD-WORKING HORSES: top dress 1oz daily on feed.
LIGHTLY WORKED HORSES: top dress 1/2oz daily on feed.

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